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Allimex Green Power

The ultimate comprehensive supplier for professional solar installations.

Allimex manufactures the mounting systems required for the professional installation of solar panels and is also an approved extruder and sheet metal worker by profession. We offer 3-4 solutions for every roof application. Thanks to our expertise in aluminium and stainless steel production, we can manufacture to the customer’s specifications, ranging from a roof hook or a customised rail to complete assembly systems.

In addition to our extensive range of mounting materials, we also supply SMA, Solaredge, and Goodwe converters. We offer Seraphim, Viessmann, and LG solar panels.  Allimex has direct lines to the panel and converter manufacturers, which result in very high quality and competitively priced overall package. Quality and service are our focus, with bottom-line affordability as the main theme!

All-inclusive supplier

  • Bolts, hooks, clamps and profiles for all roof types
  • Solar panels Seraphim, LG, Viessman
  • Inverters Goodwe, Solaredge and SMA

Made to Measure

  • Design of new aluminium/stainless steel solar system components
  • Optimise existing system components
  • 10 years of expertise in tooling, extrusion, anodising, and mould construction

Vast stock

  • Smooth delivery
  • To your warehouse or site
  • Just in Time or Just in Sequence
  • Virtually no stock shortages



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